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Next generation Endpoint protection buyers' guide

Next generation Endpoint protection buyers' guide
There is a fundamental problem with the security that leaves us basically in the same spot: it is looking for something known - a known hash, IP address, vulnerability, behavior. Ultimately hackers are able to use enough masking techniques to bypass the security software, leaving the server or laptop once again the  victim of an attack. It’s very easy to alter this malicious code with downloaded or created tools to bypass security measures. Anyone who has basic coding skills can do it. The diagram shows a few attack masking techniques, which are often used in conjunction with each other to take a known binary and cause it to appear completely new, unknown, and benign on the surface.Along with masking techniques, hackers are using different vectors or paths to deliver the malicious code and carry out their attacks. Top attack vectors are listed to the right. Attacks can be single-vector or part of a multi-vector, more sophisticated attack.
Read this manual and learn:
- Five reasons to look beyond math-based AV
- Why advances malware detection, remediation and forensics are important key succes factors to combat cyber attacks
- What evaluation questions to ask when evaluationg next endpoint protection vendors
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