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The SecureAuth® Identity Platform Analytics - Technical Brief

The SecureAuth® Identity Platform Analytics - Technical Brief

Protecting identities and thwarting attackers weighs heavily on organizations that are concerned about how user experience can affect customer engagement for consumers or productivity for employees. The SecureAuth® Identity Platform tackles this challenge by utilizing contextual authentication to reduce friction while enhancing overall security posture. Contextual or "Adaptive" authentication is a method of assessing the "riskiness" of each authentication attempt and taking an action based on the results. Unlike many technologies that attempt to address this with a "one size fits all" approach, the SecureAuth Identity Platform utilizes a configurable set of risk analysis layers to evaluate what an organization deems risky for their specific scenario(s).

This Technical Brief looks "under the hood" at the contextual risk capabilities that power the Identity Platform to provide an understanding of how risk data is analyzed at each layer. This document also includes examples of how an organization can tune each adaptive authentication layer based on the business problem they are trying to solve.

Download this document to learn more about Risk-based Identity Security and Access Control.

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Publicatie datum: 23-10-2019
Bestandstype: pdf
Document: Whitepaper
Taal: EN
Gepubliceerd door: SecureAuth

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