wo 31 oktober | 13:15 - 13:45
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How Fundaments overcame its Cloud Challenges (customer case)

Fundaments provides building blocks for its customers, all kind of customers, and with this comes its challenges. We will handle all the cases and how they got solved by implementing the Cohesity solution. These challenges are not unique to Fundaments as scalability, maintenance and Cloud integration and every environment could use this. But also cases as multitenancy, backup tests/compliancy and flexibility in backup/secondary storage are not that common and may address your needs also. Join this customer case and get a true feeling of the Cohesity solution and what it could bring to your environment.
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Larik-Jan Verschuuren-Parchomov
Larik-Jan Verschuren-Parchomov
CEO & Cloud Architect, Fundaments
Larik-Jan is CEO & Cloud Architect at Fundaments. With over 15 years of expertise around webhosting and providing cloud solutions, Larik-Jan has a passion for cloud techniques and helping customers to translate this technology to solid and innovative cloud services whilst maintaining information security as top of mind. Both Fundaments, and Larik-Jan, bring a wealth of knowledge about the implementation of ISO27001/NEN7510 standards to construct a solid foundation for every cloudservice.