wo 31 oktober | 15:30 - 16:00
Theater 08 Data Science & Management

Big Data Analytics using plain English, in minutes

Businesses around the globe typically spend a fortune, hire a ton of specialists and wait for several months before getting any insights from their data.

The focus of this presentation will be on showcasing NuoCanvas EVA, a fully automated Big Data Analytics Platform, which allows business to perform Data Analytics, within minutes, at every scale, using plain English.
Cloud Computing
Data Science & Management
Digital Transformation
Pulkin Barad
Pulkit Barad
Chief Product Officer, NuoCanvas
Pulkit is co-founder and Chief Product Officer at NuoCanvas, a start-up that enables everyone to perform data exploration and apply advanced analytics in plain English.
He applies first principles thinking which helps him to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility through innovation.

Pulkit loves connecting with people, to understand their perspectives and continuously increase the level of automation applied to solutions.

When Pulkit is not working, he enjoys visiting the ocean and wandering in nature to free his mind.